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Current Issue

HISD board president talks about obstacles hurting our children 
Juliet Stipeche had rose-tinted glasses perched on her nose when she was elected to the Houston Independent School District’s Board of Trustees four years ago. Those glasses lost their hue quickly, though. 
“I went in thinking I was going to make good schools even better, that every child had an opportunity to succeed. I still believe that,” said Stipeche, who was first elected to represent District 8 in 2010 to fill Diana Davila’s unexpired term. “But, I also know there are great obstacles in place that hurt our children that we, as a community, have to work through.”
Those problems, she said, revolve around poverty and illiteracy in a city that has changed and continues to change demographically.
Houston has become the most diverse city in the world, one facing increasing economic inequality thaat creates challenges the seventh-largest district in the United States has to combat.

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Houston businesses confront workforce challenges

  The recession of 2008 didn’t hit Houston as hard as it hit the rest of the country. Houston felt it later and pulled out of it earlier. Even the dip...

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Two moms take positive steps to combat bullying

  Long-time friends Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille, both marketing professionals, have known each other since their children were babies. So, it seemed only natural that the two would turn to...

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Hermann Park Conservancy celebrates

  Hermann Park Conservancy celebrates the park’s largest improvement project to date this month with the grand opening of the McGovern Centennial Gardens and the Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion. This spectacular...

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Baylor study indicates cell phone addiction real possibility

Women college students spend an average of 10 hours a day on their cell phones, and men college students spend nearly eight — with excessive use posing potential risks for...

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UST and Houston Methodist join forces to develop MCTM degree

The University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business and the Houston Methodist Research Institute have joined forces to develop a Master in Clinical Translation Management degree program. The MCTM...

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A&M, Rice and UT form NSF hub

  Rice University, The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University have received a three-year, $3.75 million grant from the National Science Foundation to become a regional innovation hub...

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The Beauty of Transitions: Bringing business smarts and savvy to world of pageants

Running a beauty pageant is very intense. Just ask Cheryl Thompson-Draper, director of the Texas Cinderella Victoria County Pageant.  Ticking off a list of responsibilities, she said, “The location. The décor...

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Center for Irish Studies brings heritage of Emerald Isle to Houston's UST campus

In one of the most culturally diverse cities in America, home to a strong Irish presence, something was missing. At least that is what Dr. Joseph McFadden, former president of...

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Foodie turns love of creating nutritious snacks into thriving regional business

Four years ago, Lisa Pounds sat down at her kitchen table and created healthy recipes that quickly grew into a thriving regional business. And, by the end of 2014, her...

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Hit comedy creates lots of laughs and impacts city's economy

  If you’re one of the 14,000 Houston women who have howled in laughter at the long-running blockbuster comedy Girls Only - The Secret Comedy of Women, you’ve unknowingly given a...

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Artist partners with hotel to support breast cancer causes

Fran Padgett knows a little something about the healing power of art –– and about survival. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, she underwent a radical bilateral mastectomy, meaning she...

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City's ethnic mix reflects national trend

When it comes to diversity in Houston, the future is already here. The city’s current ethnic mix, with its many cultures, reflects what the population of the rest of America...

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Diverse communities making Houston better for all

In a well-quoted story in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus is questioned by a lawyer as to who are our neighbors. “Are they only those of the same race...

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Anti-Defamation League's programs seek to end hatred

For 100 years, the Anti-Defamation League has worked to promote the twin causes of diversity and tolerance, with its eyes on the prize of wiping out hatred. With its 25...

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Diversity Council leads our nation in conversations about inclusion

What began as a college classroom discussion on workplace diversity nearly 10 years ago has now grown into a nation-wide organization for education and best practices, with its headquarters in...

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Ensemble Theatre proves 'E' is for Everyone!

It all began in the back of George Hawkins’ car — back when Houston was just another sunbelt city, suffering the woes of the 1970s. He had a vision for...

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Far-sighted individuals founded society to build bridges between U.S. and Japan

Before starting law school, Patsy Brown went to Japan for a year to share American culture with middle-school students. She had already fallen in love with Japan and its culture...

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Bullying Female Anchors

When I watched Jennifer Livingston, a La Crosse, Wisconsin anchor, deliver one of the gutsiest editorials in the annals of TV news, in response to hate mail about her weight...

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Yates children leave lasting legacy on mental illness

George Parnham knew something was terribly wrong. That something had gone tragically wrong was obvious, everyone knew that. His newest client, Andrea Yates, had drowned her five children. But George...

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Houston Area Survey indicates some shifts in thinking

Findings of the 32nd Annual Kinder Institute Houston Area Survey show support for immigration reform has grown significantly among Houstonians. Other findings in this year’s survey show area residents overwhelmingly...

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Just the Assistant: Volunteer Therapy

Not only do I work, sometimes I volunteer. I volunteer at Star of Hope, I volunteer with Living Water International, I even volunteer to take out my neighbor’s garbage while...

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Passages: Guiding women out of addiction

The only thing the same from three months ago is “basically my name,” wrote Jody C., who is one of the more than 1,200 women who have had their lives...

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Power of Storytelling

I had the pleasure to speak to a group of fourth and fifth graders at a public elementary school. I wasn’t there to talk about the content of my new...

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Social Media and First Impressions

Not so long ago, public image and “personal branding” were concerns reserved for celebrities, politicians and business leaders. Today, the rise of Facebook, Twitter and scores of other social networks...

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It's Not Easy (or Happy) Being Green

When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, you just can’t escape green. Even if you don’t wear it (and want to risk getting pinched), it’s still everywhere from store windows to...

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El Centro de Corazón: On a mission to provide access to healthcare

The young Hispanic woman felt lost, unable to resolve the many issues she was facing. Then, 16 months ago, she walked into a therapy session at El Centro de Corazón...

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Texas Diversity Council to present Women in Leadership Symposium

The Gulf Coast Women in Leadership  Symposium will be held Thursday, March 7, from 8:30 a.m. to noon, at the Bayou City Event Center, 9401 Knight Road. The big event...

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