Saakshi Chowdhary

Saakshi ChowdharyTomorrow’s Woman Award presented to Saakshi Chowdhary for volunteer efforts in India

Saakshi Chowdhary, a Girl Scout and junior at Seven Lakes HighSchool, is the recipient of the 2008 Tomorrow’s Woman Award. Lady Oliver of the San Jacinto Council of Girl Scouts nominated her for this honor.

“Saakshi is a young woman making a difference in the lives of others,” she Oliver. She is the recipient of Girl Scout’s Gold Award. Like the Eagle Scout Award in Boy Scouts, the Gold Award is the highest and most difficult award a Girl Scout can achieve. Saakshi is a truly remarkable young lady and very deserving of the Tomorrow’s Woman Award. She cares about other people and shows it. She definitely is a role model for other young women.”

Chowdhary identified a need in India, the country of her ancestors, and decided to do some to help the situation.

While visiting family in Breilly, India, Chowdhary took a tour of the Arya Samaja Orphanage.

There, she became aware the lack of attention to dental hygiene among the residents. The situation got her to thinking about what she could do to improve the situation and make a difference in the lives of the orphaned girls she met there.

With the approval of the orphanage, she made plans to hold a Dental Health Care Camp for 30 of the teenage residents. She recruited volunteers from the local dental college in Breilly to speak to the girls about good hygiene and a local dentist to give each girl an examination.

Chowdhary also spoke to her own dentist back here at Katy Orthodontics about her desire to help the girls in India. Dr. Dhutia got excited about the idea of the Dental Health Care Camp and agreed to donate a dental hygiene kit for each of the girls in India.

When asked why she chose to hold a Dental Health Care Camp for orphaned girls in India,

Chowdhary replied, “I want to see positive changes in the world. It is my belief that by instilling these orphans with a positive image of themselves, they will acquire healthier habits. And, hopefully, that positive step would help them develop a more positive image of themselves. And, in the end result in more positive futures.”

Chowdhary was not able to attend the Nominate HER Awards Luncheon. At the time she was back in India, visiting family and, no doubt, looking for other ways to help the local residents.

Jay Chowdhary attended the luncheon and was all smiles as he listened to the wonderful things said about his daughter and as he accepted the award on her behalf.