Fifty Women of Influence

Fifty women named to 2013
'Houston’s Most Influential' list

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Last fall, more than 200 readers of Houston Woman Magazine answered the call for nominations for Houston's 50 Most Influential Women for 2013. As a result, nomination forms flowed in, and HWM staffers were kept busy for weeks going through the mail and reading about the accomplishments of so many worthy candidates.

Ultimately, the staff of Houston Woman Magazine made the final selections from among those nominated. Each one of them was chosen because her sphere of influence was deemed "vast and powerful."

Beverly Denver, editor and publisher of Houston Woman Magazine, said, "When the call for nominations went out, we had a number of people call or email and ask what exactly did we mean by 'most influential.' Many thought we were looking for the most successful women in town or the most well known, for example. We explained that in some cases all might apply, but being 'most influential' (in our opinion) was truly about something else. Simply put, we were looking for women whose actions or thoughts can change the actions or thoughts of others."

Influential people are often charismatic individuals with a vast network of social and professional connections. Many times they also have earned an enviable reputation for an expertise in a particular area. Because of that, they are credible. This form of influence draws upon the notion of trust. The women selected this year fit all these descriptions," said Denver. 

So, it should come as no surprise that Houston's 50 Most Influential Women for 2013 is a diverse group, representing women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.

Some of the women have lived in Houston for many, many years. Some have not.

Some of the women are influential because of the volunteer work they do in our community. Some are not.

Many have distinguished themselves in their businesses or careers. And, as you’d expect, their fields of work are about as diverse as one can imagine: chemistry, energy, law, non-profits, oil and gas, media, medicine, politics, real estate, space exploration, etc.

It is our pleasure to be able to introduce all of these amazing women to our readers," said Denver. "Each is unique and spends her time doing what she is most passionate about. As a result, she influences — in a most positive way — a wide circle of friends and associates."

Houston's 50 Most Influential Women of 2013 were honored at an afternoon tea at the St. Regis Hotel on Sunday, January 12. At the private event, the 2013 honorees were the first to see Houston Woman Magazine's special edition featuring each of them. Next day, that keepsake issue was mailed to all subscribers of Houston Woman Magazine and became available for purchase by others. Requests for copies should be directed to 713-780-2098.

Women of Influence Honorees

  • 2018 Honorees +

    Jacquelyn Aluotto

    Lyn Beaty

    Michelle Becker

    Brittany Benko

    Mary Benton

    Chree Boydstun

    Carla Brailey

    Tammy Brennig

    Kathy Britton

    Elizabeth Brock

    Stacy Canady

    Diane Caplan

    Lisa Castaneda

    Katherine Center

    Karla Cisneros

    Cynthia Colbert

    Kathy Collins

    Ann Cook

    Sara Cronin

    Carmen Cuneo

    Cindy Deere

    Laura Edrington

    Susan Farb Morris

    Lori Gallagher

    Regina Garcia

    Veronica Gorczynski

    Yasmine Haddad, DDS

    Jennifer Hazelton

    Delores Hinkle

    Sippi Khurana, M.D.

    Shareen Larmond

    Melinda Little

    Julie Luecht

    Maryanne Maldonado

    Alice Mao, M.D.

    Anne McClellan

    Regina Mellinger

    Gia Merlo, M.D.

    Megan Ortiz

    Kathy Pang

    Helen Sage Perry

    Carrie Potter

    Elizabeth Reneberg

    Patricia Barry Rumble

    Gracie Saenz

    Lillie Schechter

    Susanne Theis

    Kathaleen Wall

    Carlecia Wright

    Gloria Medina Zenteno

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  • 2017 Honorees +

    Farida Abjani
    Carolyn Aiman
    Terry Lynn Arnold
    Janis Jefferson Benton
    ReShonda Tate Billingsley
    Adrienne Bond
    Zarine M. Boyce
    Eloise Dunn Brice
    Fran Brochstein
    Jenny Chang
    Suzan Deison
    Darcie Durham
    Chelsea Egmon
    Gina Gaston Elie
    Robin Fielder
    Ludmila Golovine
    Melissa Gonzalez
    Mary Grace Gray
    Missy Herndon
    Chastiti N. Horne
    Janine Iannarelli
    Tandra Jackson
    Jenifer Jarriel
    Brigitte Kalai
    Liz Lara-Carreno
    Bridgitte Shen Lee
    Caroline Levander
    Sandra Magie
    Layle McKelvey
    Dallas McNamara
    Katie Mehnert
    Vivian Mora
    Eileen Morris
    Judy Nichols
    Grace Olivares
    Michelle O'Michael
    Mary Ann Perez
    Lillian Poats
    Mari Carmen Ramirez
    Sarah Rothenberg
    Kelly Sandill
    Barbara Seymour
    Mary Shinn
    Carrie Glassman Shoemake
    Alicia Smith
    Kelley Taylor
    Tracy Vaught
    Cheryl Walker
    Marguerite Woung-Chapman
    Mary Young

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  • 2016 Honorees +

    Phyllis Bailey
    Deborah Byers
    Dona Cornell
    Wendy Dawson
    Amanda Edwards
    Jessica Farrar
    Beena George
    Licia Green-Ellis
    Gail Gross
    Denise Hamilton
    Jan Hargrave
    Jennifer Hartsock
    Linda Head
    Sharlene Jacobson
    Jean Janssen
    Kimberly Johnston
    Myrtle Jones
    Sarah Kellner
    Carla Kuiawa
    Linda Lorelle
    Brenda Mainwaring
    Regina Mayor
    Ashley McClellan
    Sneha Merchant
    Marie Lynn Miranda
    Niloufar Molavi
    Sharon Moon
    Lindsay Taylor Munoz
    Kim Ogg
    Claudia Ortega-Hogue
    Carrin Patman
    Theola Petteway
    Susan Pye
    Connie Rankin
    Laura Rathe
    Courtney Johnson Rose
    Tamara Saront-Eisner
    Cynthia Simpson
    Lenora Sorola-Pohlman
    Susan S. Soussan
    Brenda Stardig
    Jeana Sublett
    Anne Sung
    Shandell Szabo
    Telisa Toliver
    Dawn Ullrich
    Tracy Weeden
    Clarease Yates
    Cindy Yeilding
    Sandra Zimmer

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  • 2015 Honorees +

    Selina Ahmed
    Nory Angel
    Philamena Baird
    Alaina King Benford
    Genora Kendrick Boykins
    Cynthia Clay Briggs
    Barbara J. Burger
    Madeline Burillo
    Jane Cummins
    Deavra Daughtry
    Jacqui Dimpel
    Diane Englet
    Raquel Espinoza
    Sameera Faridi
    Marian Harper
    Karen Jackson
    Laura Jaramillo
    Pat Jasper
    Ellen Kirby Joe
    Patricia Knudson Joiner
    Shirley Kwan
    Bette Lehmberg
    Victoria Hodge Lightman
    CleRenda McGrady
    Kim Marling
    Debra Ibarra Mayfield
    Paula Mendoza
    Ali Miller
    Marcie Mir
    Christina Morales
    Gigi Myung
    Roksan Okan-Vick
    Shelly Power
    Latha Ramchand
    Sallie Sargent
    Sharon Saunders
    Diane Schnecke
    Pamela Schlembach, M.D.
    Taryn Sims
    Peggy Smith, M.D.
    Stephanie Smither
    Meg Toups
    Poldi Tschirch
    Dana Tyson
    Deborah Vangellow
    Sharleen Walkoviak
    Laura Ward
    Carolyn Watson
    Sarah Whiting
    Carmina Zamorano

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  • 2014 Honorees +

    Devon Anderson
    Delaney Bellinger 
    Lindsey Folger Brown 
    Carol Burke 
    Rogene Gee Calvert
    Carmen M. Castro, D.B.A.
    Denise Castillo-Rhodes
    Martha Ceballos
    Pamela Ellis 
    Marilyn Eiland 
    Lily Chen Foster
    Ellen Israel Goldberg 
    Lisa Hernandez
    Terese “Terry” Hershey
    Adriana M. Higgins 
    Christina Ibrahim
    Deborah Johnson 
    Madeleine “Mady” Kades 
    Noreen Khan-Mayberry
    Bonna Kol
    Shelena Lalji, M.D. 
    Diann L. Lewter 
    Maria Lindenberg 
    Michele Malloy 
    Lisa Faith Massey 
    Terry Morales 
    Dana O’Brien 
    Eva Fromm O’Brien
    Kathy Rapp 
    Josefina Rendon 
    Emily Rodgers
    Jessica Rossman 
    Robin Russell 
    Mary Ryder 
    Neeta Sane 
    Jolyn West Scheirman 
    Adrienne Scott 
    Paula Myrick Short 
    Ann K. Snyder 
    Kimberly Sterling 
    Ann Stern 
    Cindy B. Taylor 
    Allison Thacker 
    Evelyn Traylor 
    Jessica Uhl 
    Gindi Eckel Vincent 
    Nicole McZeal Walters 
    Marty Webb 
    Xifeng Wu, M.D.
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  • 2013 Honorees +

    Amy Bernstein
    Nandita Berry
    Noel Bezette-Flores
    Jeannie Bollinger
    Victoria Al Linh Bryant
    Frances Castaneda-Dyess
    Shern-Min Chow
    Amy Chronis 
    Cheryl D. Creuzot 
    Wendy Daboval 
    Kimberly C. David 
    April Day 
    Twila Day 
    Kathie Edwards 
    Caroline Fant 
    Kelli Cohen Fein 
    Valerie Gibbs 
    Gwendolyn Goffe 
    Julie A. Hardin 
    Carol A. Hess
    Kathy Hubbard
    Marianne Ivany 
    Clare Sullivan Jackson 
    Alicia Jansen 
    Elizabeth “Betsy” Kamin 
    Janet Langford Kelly
    Elizabeth Killinger
    Lianne Lami
    Katrina Landis 
    Melaney Linton 
    Pamela Lovett 
    Rania Mankarious
    Jean May 
    Amanda McMillian 
    Alice B. Otchere 
    Munira Panjwani 
    Minerva Perez 
    Teresa Cox Reading
    Cindi Harwood Rose 
    Becky Rush
    Laura Sayavedra
    Sara Speer Selber
    Christine Spray
    Senfronia Thompson
    Linda Thrane 
    Sherry D. Williams
    Melanie Wong
    Anjanette Wyatt
    Betty Young
    Robin Young-Ellis
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  • 2012 Honorees +

    Wanda Adams
    Tara Maria Amavi
    Anne Anderson
    Crystal Ashby
    Susan Asimakis
    Susan A. Bailey
    Cindy Bigner
    Minnette Boesel
    Susan Boggio
    Maria Wyckoff Boyce
    Helena Brown
    Elizabeth Campbell
    Shauna Johnson Clark
    Heidi Cruz
    Cissy Segall Davis
    Julie Dill
    Marcela Donadio
    M. Cathy Douglas
    Samina Farid
    LaTanya Flix
    Vicki Fullerton
    Cyndy Garza-Roberts
    Laura Gibson
    Charleta Guillory, M.D.
    Carole Harrington
    Mireille Hassenboehler
    Brenda Hellyer
    Irene Helsinger
    Liane Hinrichs
    Karen Hoylman
    Janeen Judah
    Sally Kline
    Libi Lebel
    Gina Luna
    Jacqueline Martin
    Susan McEldoon
    Sharron Melton
    Sophy Merszei
    Sister Jane Meyer
    Sheri Parrack
    Gilda Ramirez
    Maria Rios
    Janis Schmees
    Lisa Trapani Schumate
    Kim Szeto
    Linda Toyota
    Phoebe Tudor
    Susan Vick
    Pamela Wright
    Kelly Zuniga

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  • 2011 Honorees +

    Erin Asprec
    Debbie Bates
    Martha Blackwelder
    Melanie Brown, Ph.D.
    Katy Caldwell
    Bonnie Campbell
    Eileen Campbell
    Katherine Cabaniss
    Anne Chao 
    Patsy Chapman
    Janette Lemmon Cosley 
    Lavonne Cox
    Lisa Cregan
    Cris Daskevich
    Sarah Marie Davis
    Chitra Divakaruni
    Gwen Emmett 
    Mary Jane Fortin
    Dena Gray
    Winell Herron
    Tammie Kahn
    Mary Anne Jay
    Jane D. Jones 
    Ann Kaufman
    Dana Kervin
    Mandy Kao
    Melissa King 
    Cora Sue Mach
    Sultana Mangalji
    Linda K. May
    Stacy Methvin
    Annella Metoyer
    Mamie Moy
    Linda O'Black
    Sara Ortwein
    Kathleen Tinsley Ownby
    Page Parkes-Eveleth
    Patricia Prather 
    Charlene A. Ripley
    Margaret Vaughan Robinson
    Susan V. Sample
    Jewel Smith
    Cleverley Stone
    Elaine Turner
    Margaret Van Bree
    Harriet Wasserstrum
    Rebecca White
    Peggy Whitson
    Melissa Wilson
    Carole A. Young 

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  • 2010 Honorees +

    Dorothy Ables
    Carol Alvarado
    Lisa Anderson
    Nana Booker 
    Shannon Buggs
    Deborah Cannon
    Theresa Chang
    Elizabeth Cheney
    Janet Clark
    Jane-Page Crump 
    Chloe Dao
    June Deadrick
    Ann Deaton
    Ellen DeSanctis 
    Irma Diaz-Gonzalez
    Jana Grauberger
    Janet Gurwitch
    Eva Guzman
    Peggy Heeg
    Diana Hudson
    Jolanda Jones
    Alecia Lawyer
    Karen Love
    Barbara Manousso 
    Cindy Marion
    Catherine Mosbacher
    MaryJane Mudd
    Laura Murillo
    Chris Noble
    Frances S. Padgett
    Annise Parker
    Sue Payne
    Monica Pope
    Susan Repka
    Mary Ann Reynolds
    Rebecca Roberts
    Nancy Rutledge
    Dominique Sachse
    Rita Santamaria
    S. Shawn Stephens
    Julie Struble
    Y. Ping Sun
    Anne Taylor
    Pattie Dale Tye
    Helen Vollmer
    May Walker
    Claudia Williamson 
    Dr. Laureen Wishom
    Linda Wuest
    Marcie Zlotnik

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  • 2009 Honorees +

    Joni Baird
    Nelda Luce Blair
    Angela Blanchard
    Susan Borches
    Brene Brown
    Suzanne Bruce, M.D.
    Martha Carnes
    Gracie Cavnar
    Cindy Clifford
    Donna Cole
    Marian Davenport
    Deborah Duncan
    Dorothy Weston Gibbons
    Christina Robinson Grochett
    Susanne Glasscock
    Paula McCann Harris
    Carol Helliker
    Teresita Hernandez
    Leisa Holland-Nelson
    Joan Huffman
    Meredith Iler
    Beverly Kaufman
    Renu Khator
    Kay King
    Nancy Levicki
    Lynne Liberato
    Janiece Longoria
    Kathy Lord
    Karen Love
    Sue Lovell
    Kathleen Lucas
    Patricia Lykos
    Lynn Mathre
    Anne Neeson
    Susan Osterberg
    Sonia Perez
    Leila Perrin
    Kathy Ploch
    Susan Rafte
    Kim Ruth
    Roberta Schwartz
    Evalyn Shea
    Cindy Siegle
    Mary Spangler
    Diana Morales Taylor
    Nancy Tucker
    Dancie Perugini Ware
    Francie Willis
    Beth Wolff
    Francene Young
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  • 2008 Honorees +

    Betty Adam
    Linda Addison
    Sofia Adrogue
    Joan Alexander
    Anna Babin
    Caroline Baker
    Sue Burnett
    Anita Carman
    M. Helen Cavazos
    Jacqueline Baly Chaumette
    Alice Chen
    Ellen Cohen
    Francie Crane
    Gayle Fallon
    Carolyn Faulk
    Ellie Francisco
    Sylvia Garcia
    Pam Gardner
    Jeannette Clift George
    Shelly Sekula Gibbs
    Vanessa Gilmore
    Patricia Gras
    Melanie Gray
    Elizabeth Gregory
    Mary Margaret Hanson
    Joanne Herring
    Paula Hinton
    Ann Hodge
    Frankie Ann Holmes
    Karyl Lawson
    Melanie Lawson
    Sheila Jackson Lee
    Ann Lents
    Tracye McDaniel
    Mary McIntire
    Vickie Milazzo
    Peggy Montana
    Beth Sanders Moore
    Victoria Osteen
    Sharon Michael Owens
    Annise Parker
    Linda Russell
    Nancy Sims
    Karen Taylor
    Tammy Tran
    Martha Turner
    Mary Vitek
    Andrea White
    Martha Wong
    Beverly Woolley

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