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Orange and Pink
Orange and pink have always been two of my favorite colors. As a child and “budding artist,” I would often reach for crayons in various shades of each and mark up the pages of a new sketch pad or coloring book or, when full of mischief, the walls of my childhood home. 
Later, as a teen and “budding fashionista,” I was attracted to clothes of orange and pink. When I went to a fabric store with my mother (a gifted seamstress), I would seek out bolts of bright orange wool or powder pink satin. Finding them, I would lug them over to my mother and beg her to buy the needed yardage to whip up something designer-like for me! Most often, she obliged, saying, “Well, these are good colors for you!”
Later still, I came to associate orange with autumn and all the things I see and so enjoy at this time of year. Most notably, orange pumpkins (real and otherwise) and orange fallen leaves! 
As a young bride and “budding Martha Stewart,” I would bring many of these orange things into my home to use as decorations. Almost as fast as one could flip the pages of the calendar from September to October, my main living areas would be totally transformed by my generous splashes of orange.
Then, in early 2005, after a diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer, things changed! I still loved orange, but like so many others battling breast cancer, I began to associate the color pink with October. And, instead of concerning myself as much with in-house decorating projects, I became involved with initiatives to promote breast cancer awareness and research. 
Cancer-free and full of gratitude, I participated in the Komen Race for the Cure® for the first time that October. My son, keenly aware how breast cancer impacts the entire family, he participated with me. It meant the world to me, of course, but I think it also meant the world to him. Caregivers of those with cancer often feel so helpless; the annual race provides a great way to for them to be supportive and make a difference. 
Admittedly, I now wear more pink than orange in October. I have pink hats and t-shirts, pink jeans and Nikes, pink skirts and dresses. I even have a large pink handbag I fill with pink rubber wristbands to share with others.
I think the focus on pink in October is a good thing. It reminds us of the need to continue the fight against breast cancer and the role each of us can play.
Still, I look forward to the day the color orange, once again, reigns supreme in October. It will mean the battle against breast cancer is over and, finally, we have been victorious!
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