Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s a cliché, but it’s also true. I can’t help but think about just how true right now, as we mark Houston Woman Magazine’s 12th anniversary and recognize it as another significant milestone.
“Giving birth to a new publication is not  unlike giving birth to a new baby. Both are highly anticipated events, bringing with them much excitement and great joy.”
That’s how I felt 12 years ago when the premiere issue of Houston Woman Magazine rolled off the press and into the hands of thousands of professional women throughout the city. One year later,  on the publication’s first anniversary, I wrote those words here – in this same space. I also wrote: 
“After months of intense planning and hard labor the “baby” was here. Admittedly, we were proud and eager to throw a party.
Regretfully, though, there was no time for celebration or sighs of relief; already we were facing deadlines for the next issue and making plans for the next. So, we forged ahead, thinking only about the health, growth and future of the newborn…The festivities, we decided, would have to wait...” 
Little did I know I would feel the same way today!
Another thing I wrote about back then — and on every anniversary since — is the gratitude I have for all those who helped us launch Houston Woman Magazine and all those who continue to support our mission of informing, inspiring and connecting successful women.
On our fourth anniversary, I wrote in this space:
Over the past 48 months we’ve grown accustomed to doing what we do. Even so, the job has never become routine. Each new day is different, and many of them are full of pleasant surprises. 
“For example, we get letters! You write and say you like what we’re doing and encourage us to “keep it up.” Then, thankfully, you tell us about more women we should write about and more groups doing remarkable things...Before long, we are following up and discovering just how right you are and how valuable your feedback. Believe me, we are so appreciative!”
On the occasion of our eighth anniversary, I wrote:
“I thank God often for giving me the passion and skills to do my job but not a crystal ball to see too far into the future. Too much information could have been a bad thing; it might have smothered my ambition and kept me from taking bold steps in a new direction! 
“I had expected to work hard...What I didn’t expect were all the projects we would take on to broaden the scope of our mission.” 
I was speaking, of course, of things like the Nominate HER Awards Program (started in 2007 to honor excellent role models in our community); the Houston Woman Business Directory (first published in 2009 to encourage women to do business with each other) the “50 Women of Influence” Program (launched in 2008 to recognize the leaders among us), the Houston Woman Business Book Club (founded in 2009 as a unique networking and educational opportunity); and, then, our deep dive into online publishing and social media (in 2010 and even deeper since). 
As you might expect, more new projects are on the horizon; some of them you will hear about soon. (Please stay tuned.)
Over the years, I’ve come to realize the best way to celebrate a milestone (for me) is to simply rest and reflect on what’s been accomplished. Both give me the energy and enthusiasm to look ahead — and forward to all the things yet to be done!
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