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Making Merry

It’s that time of year again, and I am multitasking like crazy. Trying to keep up with all my responsibilities at work and the expectations of others at home is more challenging than ever. It is also, I might add, totally exhausting!

I’ve come to the confusion, though, that “making merry” is key. Even at places you’d rather not be!

For example, it’s difficult for me to leave the comforts of home during the holiday season to drive over to the office – just to get on the phone or on the computer. Often, I tell myself, “I can do both from home and accomplish just as much.” 

Then, I rationalize some more. “When I work from home I’m able to spend more time enjoying the Christmas tree in the living room or my collection of hand-carved nutcrackers in the kitchen. Simple pleasures, for sure, but special ones right now.”

So, to force myself to venture out in the mornings, I had to “make merry” at work too. I put a festive holiday wreath on the office door, a giant poinsettia plant in one corner and wrote “Happy Holidays” in bright red letters on the marker board. As holiday cards come in, I’ve put them out on window ledges to remind me how many friends I’ve made via the business. 

Then, as an added enticement, I loaded up the office’s mini-fridge with lots of holiday beverages and goodies to lure me in. Also, on my desk is a Santa-shaped bowl, filled with my favorite chocolates — all wrapped in shiny red and green and silver foil papers.

Often, when I am at home, I think of those chocolates and am motivated to drive on over to the office just to eat a few.
A friend of mine has a job that requires her to be in her mini van much of the day — driving to and from client appointments all around town. She admitted to me recently that she faces the same challenge I do.

She said, “I love the holidays. I just want to be home, listen to Christmas music, bake cookies and wrap presents. Being in my van so much made me feel like I was missing out on too much of the holiday fun. So, I decided to do something about it.”

Naturally, I asked, “What did you do? 

Instead of answering me, she walked me outside and pointed to her light brown van — now adorned with a bright red nose on top of its hood ornament and a pair of reindeer antlers sticking out of its front windows!

“Hey,” she said, “that’s not all I’ve done. I’ve turned the radio to a station that features uninterrupted holiday music all day long. So, wherever I go, I am able to enjoy this very special season. And, that alone, makes me merry. Very, very merry!”

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