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About this time last year, we sponsored a Vision Board Workshop for our readers. We held it on a Saturday morning in the conference room at The Council on Jackson Hill. We served a continental breakfast and invited an expert on the subject to talk to us. She explained how vision boards could be powerful tools to identify and manifest our biggest dreams and aspirations. 

After she spoke, the room was abuzz with activity. Attendees started looking through magazines, clipping out images and words that resonated with them, pasting all of them on their boards. At the same time, the attendees chatted candidly with each other — sharing what they wanted their boards to represent.

The event was a hit. Many of the participants asked us to schedule another workshop one year out! So, we did, two days ago — right before press time for this issue. Again, the participants had a great time! Most said they had been “meaning to create a vision board for years” and had “just not gotten around to it.” All thanked us for giving them the opportunity to gather with like-minded women and focus on themselves (for a change). 

The idea for vision boards is not new. But, it wasn’t until the release of the best-selling book, The Secret, and widespread talk about the Law of Attraction that more of us took vision boards seriously. No doubt, it was John Assaraf’s vision of his giant mansion (and the realization of that dream) that got our attention?

As Assaraf explained, the idea behind the vision board is to surround yourself with images of your ideal life — where you want to live, where you want to go on vacation, the car you want to drive. In short, the vision board should mirror the deepest desires of your heart. To all who have not yet created a vision board — and don’t want to wait until our next workshop — I strongly encourage you to go ahead and do so. It’s fun, and getting started is easy. 

All you need is a matte finish poster or foam board, a big stack of magazines, scissors and a couple of glue sticks. You’ll want to use a variety of publications. This will prevent you from limiting yourself. My personal favorites for this activity are Oprah, Travel & Leisure, Money, Southern Living, Fast Company and, of course, Houston Woman Magazine. All have images of things and places I love and headlines with words of inspiration and empowerment. 

Next, a bit of ritual is in order. Sit quietly and set the intent. Ask yourself: “What is it I really want?” You might get a one-word answer, or several images may come to mind. Then, turn on your favorite background music. Listening to it while you work on your vision board will help transition you to the wonderful world of possibility.

Now, flip through the magazines. Clip out images and words that speak to you. Lay them all out in front of you. As you do, you’ll get a sense of how the board should be organized — in sections (home, work, health) with white space between them or as a collage with no white space visible. Both are cool. 

Now, glue your favorite images and words in place. You might consider leaving a space in the middle for a picture of yourself - one that shows you smiling and happy! You might also consider adding some writing of your own to the board. 

Finally, hang your completed vision board in a place where you can look at it often throughout the day! Now, most importantly, believe it; we definitely can attract that which we envision and focus on!

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