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Beverly Denver PhotoDo Overs and Second Chances

Not too long ago, I had the rare opportunity to spend a wonderful three-day weekend at home. I had no deadlines to meet or commitments to keep. After a long period of work, work, work, there was (finally) some quality time available — for me! 

All started out well. On Thursday night, I went to bed early with plans to catch up on my beauty sleep. 

But, at 6 a.m. on Friday, my internal clock went off. Before I knew it, I was out of bed and in the shower. It wasn’t until the initial sprays of water struck my face did I stop to think, “Drats! I meant to stay in bed until noon!” 

After that eye-opener, I headed downstairs. I put on a pot of coffee and turned on the television. I listened alertly — like a soldier awaiting orders — for the local weather report and late-breaking news. 

As is my habit, I also turned on my Powerbook and checked my email. I found 200 new messages in my inbox. I opened none of them. Instead, I reminded myself I was “taking a break” and put them all in the follow-up file. So far so good. 

But, before I put the laptop away, I decided to log into Facebook— just to send a few birthday greetings and change my status. Happily, I posted, “Off-duty!” 

But, then, the endless stream of cute and clever postings and alerts from Words With Friends distracted me. I was well into my third cup of coffee before I realized I wasn’t sitting outside on my pretty balcony, communing with nature (as I had planned). 

So, I picked up my Mac and moved toward the sunshine. The wireless connection appeared to be extra strong out there, so I stayed online. Seconds later, I had already logged into Twitter to see what was trending. 

“Wow!” I thought, “So many cool things to think and tweet about!” 

So, I posted my thoughts on several of the topics of the day. Then, I re-tweeted some favorite posts of those I follow and replied to ones that demanded response. It took awhile. 

I was about to shut down my laptop and get on with the long-awaited relaxation, when I remembered something. 

Social media experts had been telling me for months I needed to update my profile on LinkedIn. Only because the connection was so very strong right then, I thought, “I might as well do it now!” 

For nearly an hour, I tried. But, updating a profile on LinkedIn is not easy. Finding just the right words to tell my story and better reach those I want to do business with demands strategic action. Not exactly what I wanted to do on my day off. So, I decided to work on the update later. (I opened my Google Calendar and noted it as a task for two weeks out!) 

While looking at that calendar, I spotted a few “Must-Do Tasks” that had not been accomplished. Of course, all were work-related and truly needed to be completed immediately. Drats! 

So, I did what any “self-respecting” entrepreneur would do; I dealt with the tasks. 

Before I knew it, I had been online for hours, missed breakfast and lunch and totally wasted more than half of my first day off. Drats, again! 

Clearly, distractions had gotten the best of me! But, no worries! I’ve been self-employed for a long time, and I know all about do-overs and second chances. That night, I went to bed early and slept well. Knowing I can always try again tomorrow — or the day after — helped!

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