The Power of Seven


The Power of Seven

Houston Woman Magazine is now celebrating the completion of its seventh year of informing, inspiring and connecting successful women!

Admittedly, the significance of the number seven looms mightily as we look ahead.

We know there is power in the number seven; a look at the world around us tells us that over and over again!

There are seven planets, each ruling over one of the seven days of the week. Each one is supposed to have a particular virtue or power.

There are seven continents, seven seas and Seven Wonders of the World. 

There are seven colors in a rainbow.

Some natural phenomena support the notion that seven is important. The moon changes phase every seven days, and seven phases are visible to man.

There are seven stars in the Big Dipper.

Depending on whether it's a weekday or weekend, the average person falls asleep in seven minutes and sleeps about seven hours.

According to many faiths, the number seven shows up time and time again. For Christians, the number seven symbolizes God's perfection, His sovereignty and holiness. It’s written in Genesis, God created the earth in six days and on the seventh day he rested. This was the first week. Also in Acts, it reads, there were seven deacons of the church.

There are seven heavens, corresponding to the seven heavenly bodies (earth, the sun and the five planets visible to the naked eye).
Buddha, it is believed, took seven steps after his birth. 

The superstitious believe to break a mirror brings seven years of bad luck. The cure, they say, is to bury the pieces or run them in a stream. 

The seventh son of a seventh son is supposed to be born gifted.

Gamblers believe in the power of seven too. They never forget there are more possible ways to make a seven than any other number; therefore, seven is the number to bet on. 

We see the number seven show up in science and technology.

The number of rows in the   periodic table is seven. The neutral pH value that lies between acidity and alkalinity is seven. Digital devices use a seven-segment display. The OSI model has seven layers.

By studying biology, we learn a ladybug has seven spots, and the necks of mammals have seven bones.

We see the number seven in music. The seven musical notes of the diatonic scale (do, rei, me, fa, so, la, te) are considered to be the most pleasing to the human ear.

The number seven is also popular in literature and on the big screen. 

We think of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and remember Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Seven Swabians and Seven Ravens.

We remember Salome and the Seven Veils, as well as Magnificent Seven, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Seven Deadly Sins and, of course, The Seven Year Itch.

The seven-year itch had no sexual connotation when first recorded in 1899, simply meaning “a type of itch allegedly requiring seven years of healing.” But, eventually, it came to mean a married man’s urge to roam after seven years of marriage — a meaning widely popularized by Marilyn Monroe’s 1955 movie of the same name.

Some of our readers chimed in about the number seven when we mentioned Houston  Woman Magazine’s seventh birthday on Facebook. 

Warner Roberts wrote and told us: “I love the number seven!  I hear a lot about the seven chakras in my yoga class. Also, we’ve grown up hearing a lot about sevens. There are seven colors of the rainbow. (Who doesn’t love rainbows?) There is the Seven Wonders of the World (that is until the Astrodome came along and made it the eighth.) [There are] seven days of the week, seven continents, seven virtues (faith, hope, charity, fortitude, justice, prudence and temperance). I couldn’t remember all of these so I looked them up.) And, don’t forget seven deadly sins:  pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth. (I had to look these up, also.) I’ve heard of seventh heaven, but I’ve no idea what that means!” 

That same day, we heard from Dr. Jennie Bennett, who wrote, “The number seven is significant to me because it represents the number of completion scripturally. On the seventh day after my lateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, I got a phone call from my surgeon who said there was no more cancer. God let me hear the word, “healed” on the seventh day. For that reason seven is significant.” 

Also, Meredith Iler shared her thoughts on the number seven.“Well,” said Iler, “seven is my favorite number! In fact after my divorce, and before I even met my future husband, I put two wedding dates on a dear friend’s calendar who I wanted to make sure would be available to marry me...3-7-3 and 7-7-7. Fortunately, I met the man of my dreams and married on 3-7-3...when we adopted our son it was quite fitting that he was born on 6-7-07 at 1:07 p.m. It’s so neat to see how God allows special moments in our life to be underscored by His sovereign will...coupled with our idiosyncrasies!” 

And, then, we got the words below from Joni Baird, who summed up quite nicely how we too go about our days here at Houston Woman Magazine:

“I live by the Power of Seven — being ethical, working hard, performing my best, living with intention, helping others, giving thanks and laughing — a lot!”