Houston Woman Magazine is a reflection of today's Houston Woman, the woman who is earning a higher salary, maintaining a higher standard of living and making the majority of all purchasing decisions. Houston Woman Magazine is the link between this woman and advertisers who want to "speak" to her.

Advertising is available in Houston Woman Magazine, as well as online on our website, in our monthly e-newsletter and on our blog. Combo buys are also an option for those wanting to reach an audience larger than any one medium.

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The readers of Houston Woman Magazine represent the most sought-after market in our city: affluent women who make buying decisions at home and at work — banking and investments, education and entertainment, healthcare and insurance, decorating and real estate, transportation and travel.

Readers of Houston Woman Magazine follow the trends in fashion and their personal appearance and invest time and money into looking the best they can. For these successful women, looking good is not a luxury; it is a necessary.

Who is the Houston Woman?
  • She is a smart and savvy professional woman. 
  • She is well-educated and accomplished. 
  • She is between the ages of 25 and 62. 
  • She has an annual household income over $150,000. 

Houston Woman as Consumer
  • She owns her own home.
  • She makes the decisions on home-related purchases. 
  • She likes to travel and does so often. 
  • She dines out frequently.  
  • She puts high priority on her health and fitness.
  • She relies on service providers to make life easier.
  • She makes her own decisions about automobile purchases.
  • She makes purchases for herself and her family. 
  • She makes purchases for her business or organization. 

Articles in Houston Woman Magazine address the concerns of successful women. Each issue includes information about accomplished women, money, careers, health and fitness, the Houston community, travel and leisure. Additionally, many issues of Houston Woman Magazine include a special section focusing on a specific subject of interest.

More than 20,000 Houston women are now reading each issue of Houston Woman Magazine. The publication is available by paid subscription. Some complimentary copies of each issue are available for free pick up at 100 locations in the Houston metropolitan area — at banks, beauty shops, bookstores, clinics, health clubs and spas, libraries, office buildings, retail establishments and restaurants.

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